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Columbia and Annapolis, Maryland Family Law Attorneys

At Arn Family Law you will find family lawyers who care about you and your family. Whether your matter is about a divorce, custody, child support, spousal support, adoption, or the need for a protective order, we provide you with all the necessary resources to address your case in a way best suited to your family’s needs and in the most cost-efficient manner possible. Our divorce attorneys in Annapolis and Columbia have the experience and compassion that you deserve for your divorce and family law needs.

We make four commitments to our clients:

  1. Caring, Responsive Attention to Your Case
  2. Full Explanation of the Law
  3. Full Explanation of Process Options
  4. Handle Your Case in the Most Cost-Efficient Manner as Possible

We welcome you to read more about each of these commitments to our clients, our firm, and our practice areas. Our Annapolis family law attorneys are dedicated to helping clients manage their costs while giving them the best legal representation possible.

How Can an Arn Family Law Attorney Help Me?

Arn Family Law provides comprehensive and compassionate legal counsel in all family law matters for our clients. Our Columbia family law attorneys offers the personalized attention you would expect from a small-town boutique law firm with the resources of a big-city firm, and we put our resources and experience to work in every family law case we take.

What is family law?

As the name suggests, family law is a division of civil law pertaining to domestic legal issues:

Essentially, most legal issues that manifest within a family will fall under the purview of family law. If you encounter any such situation, the Columbia family law attorney Arn Family Law can help you determine your best legal options and help protect you and your family’s interests.

What Does a Family Law Attorney Do?

Family law attorneys provide their clients with advice about their rights under the law as it pertains to divorce, child custody, child support, spousal support, adoptions or other family law matters.  They listen to their client’s goals and priorities and then help them create a specific plan for reaching those goals.  Such a plan may involve commencing negotiations with opposing counsel, preparing a marital settlement or child custody agreement, referring the client to obtain advice from a financial advisor, preparing a prenuptial agreement or commencing a lawsuit in the appropriate court. Some family law attorneys focus on one or two specific types of family law, such as adoption law or divorce law, but the Annapolis family law attorneys at Arn Family Law provide a full range of legal services for any kind of family legal matter.

Outside of court, it is the family law attorney’s job to ensure an equitable and reasonable set of divorce terms for a divorcing couple, and assist their clients in creating child-focused child custody agreements. Family law attorneys do their job by making sure that clients understand the law, that they have all the information needed to make informed decisions, that their clients understand all their options and by being a strong advocate for their client’s desired outcome in negotiations. Inside the court, it is the family law attorney’s job to effectively present your case to the court using the facts most favorable to your case and persuading the judge why the law supports the relief you are requesting. Whether your family law matter is resolved inside or outside of the courtroom, the attorneys at Arn Family Law will work diligently to help you achieve the best possible outcome in your family law matter.

I appreciate everything you've done!
Thank you so much for your patience and guidance over the past two years. I appreciate everything you've done!
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...made everything possible...
Your calm, steady and reassuring manner and dedication to our problems made everything possible for what was a wonderful conclusion to a long and difficult situation.
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With confidence, skill and even tenderness you met me in my darkest hour.
With confidence, skill and even tenderness you met me in my darkest hour. Thank you for taking and handling my case with excellence and beyond my expectations.
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Just wanted to thank you once again for all of your hard work...
Just wanted to thank you once again for all of your hard work...
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Empowering our clients— achieving solutions.

Arn Family Law’s Approach to Handling Your Family Law Case

It is not unusual for family law clients to feel and express a desire to have an attorney that will be a real “pit bull”.  However, there is a difference between being a “pit bull” for the sake of being a “pit bull” vs. being a “pit bull” after you have exhausted all other reasonable approaches for resolving conflict.  Emotions of pain, anger, and hurt are a frequent part of family law litigation and these emotions frequently lead people to feel the need to be aggressive. Unfortunately, aggressive behavior often begets aggressive behavior in response, and this fuels an escalating spiral of conflict that can cause immeasurable damage to your family and your wallet.

The attorneys at Arn Family Law understand the impact of emotions on family law cases. They encourage clients to process these emotions and not let them overtake reasoned judgment.   Resolving family law matters efficiently requires thoughtfulness and a strategy.  Thoughtfulness in helping parties deescalate their conflict behavior and strategy in the form of choosing process options that have a likelihood of achieving the desired result with less expense. If alternative dispute resolution processes are not likely to garner progress or do not work, Arn Family Law attorneys can and will aggressively pursue your desired result in the courtroom. However, experience tells us that litigation should always be the last option.

Discussions between you and your attorney will focus on the background facts of your family law matter and the law that applies. They will also seek to learn about the relationship dynamics between you and the opposing party.  Such an understanding is fundamental to helping clients analyze what process options they may be able to successfully employ.  These dynamics include the level of conflict—including intensity and scope, ability to communicate, level of trust, and power differentials between the parties.

The Columbia family law lawyers at Arn Family Law work with clients to develop a strategic plan for resolving their family law matter through the least expensive and most efficient process possible. Process options include negotiation, mediation, collaborative law and, of course, litigation. For more information on these processes, options see Comparison of Dispute Resolution Processes.

The mission of Arn Family Law is to not only provide clients with skilled advocacy but to educate clients about the law and their options for achieving their goals.

If you are faced with any kind of family-related legal matter, it is crucial that you seek legal counsel from a family law attorney in Annapolis or Columbia—even if it is for just a one-hour consultation. What you don’t know can hurt you.