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Co-Parents Yelling Across Cliff - Need Online Tools for Co-Parents!

Best Apps and Online Tools for Co-Parents

Technology, including the internet, can be used unwisely, especially in the context of divorce and family law. Many divorces have started with a bored spouse looking up an old flame on social media, and many custody battles have been inflamed by soci…
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Deleting Facebook App from Smartphone During Divorce

Social Media and Your Divorce

Social media is an essential part of our lives. It’s where we get our news, share pictures of our kids and pets, connect or reconnect with faraway friends and relatives, and announce important events in our lives. Most of us can’t imagine…
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Divorced Spouse Erasing Married Status on Tax Form

How the New Tax Law Affects Divorcing Couples

Divorce has always had tax implications, but with the enactment of the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), some of the ways in which divorce and the tax code intersect have changed. If you are in the midst of a divorce, or contemplating filing for one,…
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Parents Talking to Kids About Divorce

How to Talk to Your Kids About Divorce

Getting divorced is hard. For many parents, one of the hardest parts of the process is telling their kids. Unfortunately, there’s no magic formula for how to talk to your kids about divorce. Kids vary not only in age but in temperament, so in a…
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Five Dollar Bill - 5 Post Divorce Finance Tips

Five Financial Musts for When Your Divorce is Final

Divorce is a journey, and often an uncomfortable, exhausting one. Regardless of whether your divorce was amicable or highly contentious, when it’s finally over, and you have that divorce decree in your hand, it’s likely that you won̵…
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Notebook with Blank List of Priorities for Divorce Mediation

Preparing for Success in Divorce Mediation

When your divorce trial is looming, you and your attorney put a lot of effort into preparations. Your attorney has been gathering, sorting, and analyzing evidence for months, making witness lists and preparing to question you and other witnesses on t…
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Want to Have a Baby? Call a Lawyer.

Although many people primarily associate family law with divorce and marital dissolution, family law also plays an important role in family construction. Assisted reproductive technology (ART) has been rapidly progressing in recent decades, opening u…
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Maryland Divorce Options

Know Your Divorce Options: Comparing Collaborative, Mediation, and Litigation

Every couple, every marriage, and every divorce is different. You owe it to yourself, and especially to your children if you have any, to learn your divorce options and choose the path that’s best for you. Most people think of divorce as taking…
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Healthy Divorce

What is a “Healthy Divorce Process?”

When you’ve come to realize that your marriage is ending, the idea of having a “healthy divorce” may seem like a cruel joke. If you couldn’t have a healthy marriage, how can you have a so-called healthy divorce? And what does that eve…
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Divorce Info for Fathers

Information for Divorcing Fathers and Mothers: Five Lessons from the Workplace

The reality for many fathers and mothers is that they have to spend more hours at their jobs than they get to spend with their families. Fortunately, there are lessons that can be drawn from the workplace that will help you to be a better parent and…
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