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COZI- A Family Organizer and Co-Parenting App

Posted in Blog,Divorce,Family Law on December 11, 2019

Cozi Logo

The Cozi app helps co-parents get organized. The application helps those parents who can communicate, but struggle with everyday organization and scheduling.

Like OFW, Cozi offers a shared calendar. Cozi’s shared calendar allows you to have a separate calendar for each family member. These calendars can be viewed at the same time with color coding for each family member. Cozi’s calendar reminders help to keep everyone on time and on track, as well as, allowing members to view their daily agendas and to do lists.

Benefits of Cozi

Cozi offers shopping lists, to do lists, and a Recipe and Meal Planner. With the shopping list feature, all family members can access the shopping list and add and review items from any location. Cozi is quite useful as it allows you to transfer ingredients from your recipes to your shopping list in an instant. You can even update your list using your Amazon Echo or Alexa device.

It has a list that is wonderful way to keep the whole family organized and on task. You can create individual lists for almost any task and lists of to dos for each of your family members. The to do list interfaces with the calendar so you can add a due date to any task and it will be added to your calendar. Print lists and posted as reminders. Cozi even goes as far as to create pre-made planning lists for parents such as checklists for birthday parties or vacation planning.

The Recipe and Meal Planner is helpful for busy parents and co-parents who are willing to cooperate about meals in each home. Share recipes and plan meals during the week knowing what is being served in each home.

The biggest benefit of Cozi is that it is Free!!!

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