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Our Family Wizard A Program to Help Co-Parents Communicate

Posted in Blog,Divorce on December 11, 2019

Our Family Wizard

One of the main features of our family wizard is its shared calendar. This feature allows parents to maintain and edit a single calendar to keep track of their children’s activities and appointments. Using a shared calendar helps parents avoid conflicts and allows each parent to keep the other informed about their children’s activities. Parents can even submit requests to change parenting time through the shared calendar.

OFW’s Message Board offers a single, secure location for all communications between co-parents. Entries to the Message Board cannot be changed, deleted or retracted. Co-parents may want to share their communications with others. As such, the Message Board is accessible to other persons with permission.

Unique Feature of OFW

Tone Meter helps parents keep their communications positive and productive. It alerts the writer to charged phrases while he or she is writing and then provides suggested edits. Good co-parenting communications are professional and courteous. The Tone Meter helps co-parents achieve this goal.

Co-parenting often involves the sharing of children’s expenses. This often includes activities, daycare, and medical expenses. OFW’s Expense Log tracks shared parenting expenses. It will assign the expenses as agreed by the parties and then record payments made by each parent. OFW also allows parents to pay through OFWpay and OFW even does the math. The Expense Log is a simple, fast, accurate, and secure way for parents to share their children’s expenses.

When children live in two homes, it is helpful for both parents to have a shared place to store important information. OFW’s Info Bank provides parents such a place. Parents can store social security numbers, birth certificates, medical histories and insurance information. Info Bank is a secure location always accessible to both parents when needed.

Finally, OFW also offers a Journal feature. OFW’s Journal is for parents to record observations about their children’s lives or themselves. The Journal can be for personal use, like a diary, or for a shared experience with your co-parent, like a family album. The Journal also helps parents hold one another accountable for being present at certain times. GPS-verified check-in times are recorded in the Journal when needed. So, the Journal feature can help co-parents continue to share their children’s memorable experiences and help them build trust through accountability.

OFW Cost

As one would expect, co-parenting applications and the services they provide are not free. Our family wizard offers a basic subscription at $99.00 per year to a one-year or two-year subscription up to $219.97. OFW also offers a 30-day risk-free trial period. Family law professionals agree that OFW is well worth the money.

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