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What Is Family Law?

Posted in Family Law Attorney on November 17, 2015

A friend of a friend was recently served with divorce papers, and our mutual friend offered to put her in touch with some great family lawyers he knew. Perplexed, the woman looked at him and retorted, But I don\’t need a family lawyer — my family is falling apart! I need a DIVORCE lawyer.

How to File for Divorce in Maryland

Posted in Divorce on October 15, 2015

After perhaps months of going back and forth about it in your mind, you’ve finally made the decision to file for divorce. You’re ready to take what has become a reality to you and commit to it out in the world. But what is the first step? If you live in Maryland, and you want… read more

Divorce by Mutual Consent: A New Option for Maryland Residents

Posted in Divorce on September 15, 2015

Up until now, Maryland residents seeking an absolute divorce had two options: live separate and apart without cohabitation for twelve months before filing for divorce, or meet one of a small number of conditions, such as adultery or desertion, to be able to file for divorce based on fault immediately. As of October 1, 2015,… read more

How to Find the Best Divorce Attorney

Posted in Divorce on August 10, 2015

The decision to divorce is rarely a sudden one, and most people spend a lot of time thinking about divorce before deciding to make it happen. Whether it’s you or your spouse who has decided to file, however, one thing is for certain: you want to retain the best divorce attorney you can find. What… read more

Five Essentials to Help Kids Through Divorce

Posted in Divorce on September 8, 2014

At an elementary school play a colleague recently attended, the teacher invited the students at the end of the play to leave the stage and find their families, which most of them gleefully did–except for one boy. He stood on stage alone, his eyes darting nervously back and forth between two small groups on opposite… read more