Arn Family Law is currently closed and not taking any new clients. Thank you for your interest and please feel free to use the information on this website as a resource in your family law matter.

- Kimberly Arn

About Us

In May 2009, Kimberly Arn opened Arn Family Law in Howard County and has been representing clients almost exclusively in family matters since.

The mission of Arn Family Law is to not only provide clients with skilled advocacy but to educate clients about the law and their options for achieving their goals. It is our objective to empower clients to make informed decisions throughout their cases, fully engage in strategy discussions, and participate in cost-benefit analysis of potential actions. A divorce or child custody dispute is an intensely personal event that will have a long-term impact on both parties to the matter, their relationship, and their relationships with their children. The Annapolis divorce attorneys at Arn Family Law work hard to make sure that our clients have the greatest measure of control over their cases as possible.

We Make Four Commitments to Our Clients

1. Caring, Responsive Attention to Your Case

We are dedicated to providing our clients with the personal attention, responsiveness, and time necessary to ensure that our clients know their case is being handled with the greatest care and diligence. Client calls will be returned within 24 hours, including weekends, if necessary. Clients will receive copies of all correspondence and pleadings in a timely manner and be updated by phone or email as to any changes in their case. At Arn Family Law, your family law case is as important to us as it is to you.

2. Full Explanation of the Law

Clients are in the best position to make good decisions about their cases when they understand their legal rights and the legal process. At the Arn Family Law, our family law attorneys take the time to explain the relevant law, the legal process, and how it relates to each client’s case. Clients knowledgeable about their legal rights and the legal process not only know what to expect from litigation but are then better prepared to decide about or engage in an alternative dispute resolution process.

3. Full Explanation of Process Options

Kimberly Arn is not only a family lawyer but also has a master’s degree in conflict resolution and is a certified mediator and collaborative attorney. At Arn Family Law, you will learn about all of the process options available to you for resolving your case. Our family lawyers will assist you in determining whether negotiation, mediation, collaborative law, litigation, or some hybrid approach is best suited to achieving your desired outcome.

4. Handle Your Case in the Most Cost-Efficient Manner as Possible

Legal representation is not inexpensive. Kimberly Arn knows this, having once been the client of a family lawyer herself. At Arn Family Law, we do everything possible to make sure that your case is handled in the most cost-efficient manner possible, including asking all new clients to complete a questionnaire in advance of our first meeting, providing clients with a cost/benefit analysis of each possible course of action in your case, and explaining to each client what they can do to save money during the course of our representation. See our guide on Working With Your Attorney.

Arn Family Law assists individuals, couples, and children throughout Maryland in communities including Howard, Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Carroll, Queen Anne’s and Calvert Counties. For your convenience, we have offices in Howard and Anne Arundel County. For more information about how we can help you, call us at (240) 345-2015, send an email to, or use our contact form.