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Annapolis Parental Kidnapping Attorney

Parental kidnapping is an extreme violation of a parent’s child custody order that can cause immense stress and trauma. If you are experiencing a similar situation, contact Arn Family Law to speak with an Annapolis parental kidnapping lawyer immediately for help in these troubling situations.

Why You Should Hire Arn Family Law

Any parental kidnapping case can be an emotional and challenging experience for everyone involved, especially the children. You need an experienced Annapolis family law attorney who can help you navigate the court system and protect your parental rights.

  • The Annapolis family lawyers at Arn Family Law will take time to explain the various legal issues in play in your parental kidnapping case so you can make informed decisions about your situation.
  • Our firm can help with required court filings, evidence gathering, and all other legal issues in your case.
  • We keep our billing practices as transparent as possible and strive to maximize efficiency during all billable time spent working on our clients’ cases.

The Annapolis family law attorneys at Arn Family Law can make a significant difference in the legal outcome of your situation.

Why Do I Need an Annapolis Parental Kidnapping Lawyer?

Having an experienced Annapolis parental kidnapping lawyer represent your interests offers the best chance of overcoming the situation in a positive way. Your attorney can handle evidence gathering, coordinate testimony from character witnesses or other parties involved in the case, and help you avoid unjust penalties for miscommunications or wrongful accusations.

Understanding Parental Kidnapping

Parental kidnapping describes any situation in which one parent knowingly and willingly violates a custody order by:

  • Failing to return the children to the custodial parent, or
  • Attempting to take the children away without the other parent’s knowledge or consent.

If you believe your co-parent has violated your child custody order and kidnapped your child, contact the authorities as soon as possible – especially if your ex refuses to speak with you or fails to offer a reasonable explanation.

Often, a violation of the child custody order can seem like parental kidnapping but can be ultimately attributed to miscommunication. This can happen in instances where parents travel with their kids out of town, and they do not properly communicate their plans with their co-parent.

Ultimately, both parents have a duty to abide by the terms of the custody order. Not communicating properly regarding any custody terms can potentially result in accusations of parental kidnapping.