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Annapolis Annulment Lawyer

Sometimes, couples will come to the decision early on that marriage isn’t the right choice for them and need to figure out a less complicated solution than divorce. If you have questions about divorce alternatives, contact the Annapolis annulment attorney at Arn Family Law for a consultation.

How Can Arn Family Law Help

Arn Family Law can help you navigate through the confusing legal processes of separating from a spouse and applying for an annulment.

  • Our Annapolis family law attorneys will explain all of the legalities of your situation so you can figure out what your next move is.
  • Our annulment attorneys in Annapolis and Columbia can help you understand the financial aspects of your current and future situation.
  • To us, family law is not just our profession; it’s our passion.

What Is an Annulment?

An annulment is the termination of a marriage that was either void or voidable at the time the marriage was entered into.

Under Maryland law, a marriage is void if:

  1. At the time it was entered into one or both of the parties were legally married to another person,
  2. The parties are too closely related by blood, or
  3. Either of the parties did not have the required mental capacity or intent to marry the other person.

An otherwise legal marriage is voidable if:

  1. Either party was under age 15 at the time of the marriage,
  2. Either party was age 15 but did not have parental consent and a physician’s certificate establishing the woman was either pregnant or had given birth to a child,
  3. Either party was age 16 or 17 and did not have parental consent or a physician’s certificate establishing the woman was either pregnant or had given birth to a child,
  4. Either party was under the influence of liquor or drugs or one party used fraud, duress, coercion or force on the other party to obtain the marriage, or
  5. The parties are too closely related by blood or marriage (but not such to render the marriage void).

The granting of an annulment extinguishes the marriage such that it never legally existed.

What Are the Requirements for an Annulment in Annapolis?

In Annapolis, there are several reasons that a couple can apply for an annulment, including:

  • Lack of consent
  • Fraud
  • Impotence
  • Blood-related spouses
  • Underage spouse