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While many adoptions occur through official agencies, others may happen when a child’s biological parent remarries to another person who is willing to take responsibility for his or her spouse’s child. If the other biological parent has limited contact with the child or is otherwise unfit for parental responsibility, adoption can afford the child with all the legal rights that would apply to his or her adoptive parent’s biological children. Contact Arn Family Law today to speak with an Annapolis adoption lawyer and we can let you know what to expect.

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When you are looking to adopt your significant other’s child or have any other adoption-related legal questions, you need an experienced family law attorney to help you.

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We can help you solve the most complicated adoption problems, so consider how an Annapolis adoption attorney can assist you with your child adoption and child custody concerns.

What Are the Types of Adoption?

There are several types of adoptions for potential parents to consider, such as:

Closed Adoption: This type of adoption is one where there is no identifying information about the birth or adoptive family shared between the two parties. Depending on the paperwork that was signed at the time of adoption, these records may or may not be available when the child reaches 18.

Open Adoption: This type of adoption allows for some form of communication/association between the birth parents, the child, and the adoptive parents. These types of adoptions are much more common among older children and teenagers since the children may already know identifying information about their birth families.

Step-parent Adoption: For this type of adoption, each state has its own laws. Most will strongly encourage legal representation and others mandate that a couple be married for a certain length of time.

Adult Adoption: In most states, it’s legal to adopt an adult. A reason for an adult adoption may include inheritance, a close bond with a foster family, a step-parent’s desire to legally adopt his/her spouse’s adult child, mutual consent by adoptee and birth family after a reunion, or permanent care-giving.

International Adoption: This type of adoption is typically done through an agency and has strict guidelines that deal with who can adopt, how to adopt and information about traveling abroad.

How Will an Annapolis Adoption Lawyer Help?

Having an Annapolis adoption attorney help with the process and will ensure the issue moves along as swiftly as possible. Typically, an adoption in Annapolis requires the consent of both of the child’s biological parents. If this is not possible due to the parent’s death, incarceration, incurable mental illness, or substance abuse, the court may overlook this requirement on a case-by-case basis. Your adoption attorney in Annapolis will help you establish grounds for adoption and build a strong case that proves the adoption is in the best interests of the child or children in question.

Let Arn Family Law Handle Your Adoption Case

An Annapolis adoption holds many benefits for the adopted child. Essentially, an official adoption ensures the child has all the same rights as the adoptive parent’s biological child would have. This can help clarify issues related to inheritance, workers’ compensation benefits, and other death benefits after the adoptive parent’s death.

Arn Family Law can assist with the collection of vital documents, such as the birth mother’s voluntary surrender of the birth parent’s parental rights, required background checks for the adoptive parent, and guidance for handling court-ordered home inspections and interviews. Your Annapolis adoption attorney can also help with name change documents if necessary and help guide you through the various hearings your case may entail.

What Are Common Adoption Issues in the Annapolis Court System?

Every state has unique adoption laws and Maryland upholds a few that you should know before pursuing adoption. The state requires the consent of the child if the child is over ten years old and his or her natural parents have terminated their parental rights. Additionally, the adoptive parent’s marital status does not matter in the eyes of the court system – a single parent has just as much right to adopt a child, as long as it is within the child’s best interests.

After petitioning the court to grant an adoption, the court will appoint an independent investigator to conduct an impartial assessment of the adoptive parent, the child’s living situation with the adoptive parent, and the overall health of the parent-child bond between them. The investigator will provide the judge presiding over the case with a report regarding the adoption proceedings, and the judge will make an informed decision while relying on this report.

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Adoption can be a complicated process in the Annapolis court system, and hopeful adoptive parents need reliable legal representation by experienced Annapolis and Columbia child adoption lawyers to navigate them through these proceedings.