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- Kimberly Arn

Annapolis Child Relocation Attorney

Child custody can easily be one of the most contentious disputes of a divorce – but it can be even more stressful if it involves the relocation of the child to another city or even across state lines. If your child may move away from you as a result of the divorce process, contact the Annapolis child relocation attorney at Arn Family Law immediately to discuss your options for child custody.

Why Choose Arn Family Law?

Finding the right attorney to handle your child custody case is crucial. Relocation can mean significantly reduced parenting time and access to your child.  If relocation is imminent, the attorneys at Arn Family Law can help you seek injunctive relief to prevent the child’s other parent from relocating with the child until an agreement can be reached or the court has heard the case.

  • Arn Family Law considers family law a passion, not just a profession. You can expect your attorneys to work diligently on all aspects of your case.
  • We will take time to ensure you understand that you have more than one option for resolving your child custody case and help you choose the process that is best for you and your family.
  • Our Annapolis family law attorneys understand how stressful family law cases can be and strive to provide compassionate, individualized representation to every client.

Preventing a unilateral child relocation at the outset of your case can significantly increase your chances of prevailing to block a child relocation in the end.  Having the right attorney, who understands the law and the process, will not only make the process much easier but help you achieve your goals.

What Will an Annapolis Child Relocation Attorney Do for Me?

Your attorney will evaluate the facts of your child relocation case and advise you regarding Annapolis child relocation law and the court procedures affecting your case.  You and your attorney will then create a plan for protecting the best interests of your child.  Such a plan may include a decision-tree, including negotiations, mediation, and ultimately the presentation of your case to the court.  No matter the initial process chosen, your attorney will ensure that your case will meet any applicable court filing deadlines if going to court is a necessary course of action in order to protect your child’s best interests.

How to Handle Child Relocation

If you have majority custody over your child, your spouse’s decision to move may not affect you much personally but it may be devastating for your child. It may be necessary to move from a week-to-week custody agreement to one in which your child only sees his or her other parent on select weekends or during holidays and summer breaks. While ultimately a child will remain with whichever parent retains majority custody, there is almost always room to amend or modify a child custody agreement.

If you share joint custody with your ex-spouse on a 50/50 basis or similar arrangement, one spouse’s decision to move may prove to be a problem. He or she may argue that moving should not interfere with his or her visitation rights. The court will ultimately rule in favor of the best interests of the child, but it is always best to approach these situations with reliable and experienced legal representation on your side.

If your child custody agreement includes stipulations regarding relocation or traveling out of state with your child, be sure to always follow these rules to the letter and coordinate travel with your co-parent. Keeping him or her informed can help prevent miscommunications or misunderstandings that could lead to custody battles.

Finding the Right Legal Counsel for Your Case

Hiring an attorney for any legal issue is a major decision, but family law cases are often especially emotional and stressful affairs.