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- Kimberly Arn

Annapolis Child Support Attorney

When a couple with children divorces, the divorce will more than likely include a child custody agreement and/or support order providing for the best interests of the children. Often times circumstances change after a divorce decree is entered and the child support order may need to be changed. If you have concerns about your child support order in Annapolis, Arn Family Law can help. Contact us today to speak with our Annapolis child support lawyer learn more about how our firm can assist you with how to modify your child support order.

Why Hire Arn Family Law?

If you need assistance with a child support modification, you need a child support attorney in Annapolis with extensive experience in family law and the resources necessary to guide you to a positive result.

  • The Annapolis family lawyers at Arn Family Law consider family law a passion, not just a profession. We provide the highest quality legal counsel in every case we take.
  • Your legal team will carefully explain all relevant aspects of your case so you can better understand the legal implications of your situation.
  • We strive for transparency and simplicity in our billing and work efficiently as possible to keep costs to a minimum.

These are just a few reasons to consider Arn Family Law for your child support modification issues in Annapolis and Columbia, MD.

What is Child Support?

Child support is a form of payment that is ordered when two parents separate or are no longer living together. This is in the best interest of the child, as it allows them to have financial support from both of their parents. In many cases, a child support payment is awarded to the parent who has custody and paid by the non-custodial parent.

Child support covers costs for the child, including:

  • Shelter
  • Clothing
  • Food
  • Medical Expenses
  • Education

How is Child Support Determined in Annapolis?

Child support is usually determined by examining a variety of factors and may be adjusted by the state of residency. But the factors that will always be considered in the number of children involved and the income and earning potential of each parent.

Custody and the amount of time spent with the non-custodial parent also plays a big part in determining child support payments. An Annapolis child support lawyer can walk you through this process to ensure you understand your rights and what you’re entitled to.

How Will an Annapolis Child Support Lawyer Help?

Child support modifications are typically done only under certain circumstances, so it is important to retain the counsel of an attorney specializing in child support and family law. At Arn Family Law, we handle some of the more complex financial questions in child support modifications cases. This includes:

  • Determining the proper circumstances required to make appropriate child support modification.
  • Understanding how to prove a parent’s income for child support purposes, especially when that person is self-employed or underemployed.
  • Filing any and all necessary paperwork to make the official modification.

Understanding Child Support Modifications

When a couple divorces or unmarried parents decide to go their separate ways after having a child, they must address child support and determine each parent’s financial rights and responsibilities when it comes to raising their child. Child support typically includes one parent paying the other parent a sum of money each month for the care of their child. Child support also includes expenses such as costs for work-related childcare and the provision of the child’s health insurance.

After an initial order for child support has been entered, there are often times changes in circumstances that lead to one of the parents needing a child support modification. Changes in circumstances include but are limited to changes in incomes for either or both of the parents, changes in the child’s needs for childcare or medical expenses, change to the costs of attendance at private school or transportation for visitation.  As well, if the child’s custody arrangement is modified it may also mean a child support modification is in order.

Some child support modifications can occur without either party’s direct involvement. For example, a child support agreement may stipulate cost of living adjustments, adjustments for inflation, or other adjustments that will take place over a set period. Annapolis courts do not have the authority to order annual adjustment to child support, but parents with the assistance of legal counsel may want to consider including such annual child support modification into a child support agreement to account for changes in circumstances and avoid the costs of returning to court periodically to address necessary modifications to child support. In any case, having an attorney assist you with your child support modifications helps ensure more positive results in the best interests of your children.