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Columbia Divorce Attorney

Divorce often times seems like an overwhelming process, especially when there is significant conflict between you and your soon to be ex-spouse.  If you or a loved one are discussing the possibility of a  divorce, contact Arn Family Law today to discuss your case. We can help you navigate the separation and divorce process, understand your options and help you formulate a strategy to protect your interests and reach your goals.

Why Choose Arn Family Law?

The Colombia divorce attorneys at Arn Family Law want to help you navigate your divorce as painlessly as possible.

  • We guarantee ethical, affordable, and compassionate legal representation in every case we take.
  • Our Maryland family lawyers will carefully explain every aspect of your case so you can make informed, confident decisions about the direction of your divorce.
  • Arn Family Law attorneys understand that legal representation is expensive and we work to make our representation as cost-effective as possible. Every action we take in your case will involve a cost-benefit analysis and your informed consent.

Our firm offers the compassion and individualized attention you would expect from a small-town firm with the resources and staff to handle the most complex divorce cases. Ultimately, having a Colombia divorce lawyer on your side offers distinct benefits.

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Why Hire a Divorce Attorney?

Having a family law attorney on your side can mean the difference between a great outcome in your divorce and a disastrous outcome. Once your divorce is finalized there are no do-overs.  Divorce often times involved custody of your children, distribution of valuable marital assets, and issues of ongoing spousal support. The outcome of your divorce as to these very important issues will have lasting effects for years to come after your divorce.  Accordingly, having a Colombia divorce attorney on your side is a must, even if you believe you and your spouse can agree on everything.  What you don’t know can and will hurt you!

What to Expect From a Maryland Divorce

In order to get a divorce in the state of Maryland, you or your spouse must have resided here for a period of at least six months or the grounds for divorce must have occurred in Maryland. The most common grounds for an absolute divorce in Maryland are one-year separation, mutual consent, adultery, and cruelty of treatment.  Like other states, most divorces cases settle before going to court. A settlement may occur quite quickly in a divorce case or may occur just prior to trial. If your divorce case settles you and your spouse will more than likely enter into a contract, also known as a Marital Settlement Agreement, that addresses all the substantive issues related to the dissolution of your marriage, such as custody and support of children, alimony, and division of assets. If your case goes to trial, a judge will make a decision as to each of these areas of dispute.

Beyond the substance of a divorce, spouses also have the ability to choose what process they will use to pursue a divorce.  A divorce in its simplest terms is the severing of the marital bond between two people.  The more complicated aspects of a divorce are the decisions that need to be made regarding children, support, and property rights.  The divorce attorneys at Arn Family Law are experienced in multiple processes for pursuing a divorce including negotiation, mediation, collaborative law, and litigation, and they can help you decide what process is best suited to you and your family.

Find Your Maryland Divorce Attorney Today

Having an attorney on your side during a divorce can make a world of difference to your experience and your outcome. If you expect to divorce in Columbia, MD in the near future, contact Arn Family Law today for a phone consultation. One of our attorneys will help you determine your best options for handling your divorce and explain how our firm can assist you.