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Columbia Modifications Lawyer

Child custody orders may be difficult to alter, but they are not set in stone. If you have a child custody order in Columbia, MD and recent life changes compel you to seek a modification of that child custody order, contact the Columbia modifications attorney at Arn Family Law today. We offer phone consultations so you can speak with a Columbia family law attorney and better understand your legal options for modifying your child custody order.

Why Work With Arn Family Law?

The modifications attorneys at Arn Family Law offer the individualized attention and compassion you would expect from a small-town firm, with the staff and resources to handle the difficult and complex cases.

  • Family law is our passion, not just our profession. You can expect professional, respectful, and ethical legal representation from our firm.
  • We will review your child custody order with you and help you understand what is required to have it modified and a strategy for making that happen.
  • Our Columbia modifications attorneys understand that legal representation is expensive and we work to make our representation as cost-effective as possible. Every action we take in your case will involve a cost-benefit analysis and your informed consent.

Hiring a Columbia modification attorney for any legal issue is a major decision, and you need one that helps you maneuver through the Maryland court system with confidence.

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How Will My Columbia Modifications Attorney Help?

At the outset, your Columbia modification lawyer will make sure that you have the requisite facts in order to have a Maryland court modify your existing child custody order.  Once that is ascertained, your attorney will assist you in developing a plan for achieving modifications of that order which will likely include parallel processes of negotiation, litigation and possibly mediation. Your custody modification attorney’s goal is to help you achieve your goal with the least amount of conflict and expense.

How Do Child Custody Modifications in Columbia Work?

Under Maryland law, in order to modify a child custody order, the moving party must demonstrate to the court that there has been a material change in circumstances that impacts the children who are the subject of that order. Material changes in circumstances can include the relocation of a custodial parent, significant changes to a child’s academic or medical situation, or changes as it relates to a parent’s mental or physical health that impacts their ability to care for a child. Changes that occur but do not have a demonstrable effect on the children may not be considered material under the law.

Once the court has determined that there has been a material change in circumstances, the court will then undertake a best interest analysis in order to make a new child custody determination. The best interest analysis under Maryland law includes but is not limited to the following factors: fitness of the parents; character and reputation of the parties; content of any agreement between the parents; preference of the child; age, health and sex of the child; strength of relationship between the child and each parent, proximity of the parent’s homes; and demands of parental employment. No factor is more important than another, and the inquiry is very fact-intensive as a judge tries to determine the best interest of the child in the case before them.

Make the Modifications Official

Family law practitioners know that child custody orders are defaults for parents who cannot get along. In other words, parents can do whatever they can agree on as it relates to parenting their children, even if it is contrary to the content of their child custody order. Child custody orders are important for when parents cannot get along and as such whenever changes occur making the existing child custody order impossible to comply with or the parents make long-term changes to their parenting plan that impact the child custody order it is advisable to have those changes incorporated into a new child custody order. The benefit of doing so is to 1) make those changes official while parents are on good terms and 2) avoid future conflict when the child custody order you have in effect no longer reflects the circumstances of the family and parents cannot agree.