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- Kimberly Arn

Columbia Protective Order Lawyer

Annapolis residents who are subject to false allegations of domestic abuse and the imposition of an interim or temporary protective order against them need competent and diligent legal counsel to protect their rights and harm to their character. If you are falsely accused in Columbia, contact Arn Family Law immediately to seek help from a Columbia protective order attorney in dismissing the protective order against you.

Why Choose Arn Family Law?

  • At Arn Family Law, we understand the gravity of the consequences of having a protective order entered against you, and want to help you seek justice as soon as possible. Our attorneys will immediately investigate the facts of your case, assist you in developing the evidence in your defense and prepare you to be your best witness in court.
  • We strive for transparency in all our billing practices so clients can focus on their case and not worry about their financial obligations for legal representation.
  • The Arn Family Law attorneys in Columbia provide the individualized, compassionate legal representation you would expect from a small-town firm with the resources and staff to handle high-profile, complex cases.

False abuse allegations are a serious matter that can profoundly affect your life. Arn Family Law can help you get support while we handle the legal end of your situation.

How Will a Columbia Protective Order Attorney Help?

If you are being falsely accused of an act of abuse by a current or former spouse, member of your household or family member, then your attorney will work diligently with you to develop the evidence necessary to establish that the alleged act did not occur or that the act was one in self-defense.  If you acted in self-defense, your attorney may advise you to seek a protective order against your accuser.  Additionally, oftentimes in protective order cases, you and your accuser were the only persons present for the incident that led to the request for the protective order.  This means that the evidence is basically he said, she said.  Having a skilled attorney can help you establish your credibility to the judge and call into question the other parties’ credibility

How Might False Abuse Allegations Affect Your Custody Case?

False allegations of domestic violence are extremely common when divorce or child custody proceedings have otherwise begun in a family, as one spouse or parent tries to achieve an advantage in the other litigation.  The attorneys at Arn Family law are highly experienced with the intersection between protective order proceedings and other family law cases and are prepared to assist you in defending against false claims of abuse.