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Annapolis Interstate Jurisdiction Attorney

Many divorced parents eventually find a reason or reasons to move, and they may need legal counsel to determine how a move out of state will affect an existing child custody order with a former spouse. If you face any uncertainty about your child custody order in Annapolis or have questions about interstate jurisdiction and how it may apply to your child custody order, contact Arn Family Law today for a phone consultation with our Annapolis interstate jurisdiction lawyer and find out how our firm can help.

How Arn Family Law Can Assist with Interstate Jurisdiction Issues

Arn Family Law provides a full range of family law services to our clients in Maryland. If you have questions about interstate jurisdiction and how it may apply to your child custody order, consider how Arn Family Law can help.

  • Family law is our passion, not just our business. We want to help you solve your family law issues in the most cost-effective manner possible.
  • We will fully explain all aspects of your case and interpret the legal implications of your position, so you know what to expect from the legal process.
  • Our Annapolis family lawyers will work efficiently to ensure your financial resources are used wisely and in a manner directly aimed at achieving your desired results.

These are just a few reasons to have Arn Family Law to assist with your interstate jurisdiction issues. We have the experience and resources necessary for the most complex cases.

What Can an Interstate Jurisdiction Attorney in Annapolis Offer?

Having the right Annapolis interstate jurisdiction lawyer handle your family law case can lead to a much better result than you may expect. Your attorney can help you navigate complex child custody laws across state lines and help you develop a child custody agreement that is mutually beneficial to you and your ex-spouse and works in the best interests of your children. Your interstate jurisdiction lawyer in Annapolis can also help arrange for amendments or modifications to existing child custody agreements if necessary.

Common Issues With Interstate Child Custody Agreements

The Full Faith and Credit Clause of the U.S. Constitution aimed to eliminate child custody issues that would commonly arise across state lines. Prior to the enactment of this Constitutional Clause, most family courts would disregard existing child custody determinations from other states when presented with a family law matter in their own state. This would eventually lead to multiple custody orders for the same child. The Full Faith and Credit Clause essentially requires a judge to enforce a custody determination rendered in another state court system.

Some state-level laws also influence child custody cases. Almost every state and Washington, D.C. have adopted the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJA), which states the requirements for a court to have jurisdiction to make an initial child custody determination and what is required for another state to subsequently modify or enforce another state’s child custody order. Only Vermont and Massachusetts do not adhere to the UCCJA.

Additionally, the UCCJA requires that a child’s home state, the state in which he or she has the most familial connections, and the state in which he or she spends the majority of his or her time qualifies as the child’s state for jurisdiction determination purposes. A state court cannot claim jurisdiction over a child custody case unless the state meets at least one of these criteria.

Finding Legal Counsel for Your Interstate Jurisdiction Issues

Modern life is busy, and you may need to move for work or simply wish to relocate for a better life for you and your children. Whenever a child custody order involves any type of interstate jurisdiction question, having the right Annapolis interstate jurisdiction lawyers on your side can make navigating the issue much simpler.