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Annapolis Marital Settlement Agreement Lawyer

Often times divorcing or separating couples are able to reach agreements regarding custody, support and distribution of their marital property without the aid of the court process. In those instances, it is important to make sure that the agreement is properly memorialized in a formal settlement agreement by an experienced attorney. Proper drafting of your agreement can protect you from the unintended consequences associated with not knowing the laws affecting the breakup of your marriage and basic contract law. Contacting an Annapolis marital settlement agreement attorney is crucial for navigating this complex process.

What is a Marital Settlement Agreement?

According to DivorceNet, a marital settlement agreement is a written document that memorializes any agreements reached between separating or divorcing spouses regarding issues such as child custody, child support, alimony and the division of property. Depending on where you live, the document goes by many different names, including:

  • Divorce Settlement Agreement
  • Separation Agreement
  • Separation and Property Settlement Agreement
  • Mediated Separation Agreement
  • Collaborative Settlement Agreement
  • Property Settlement Agreement (PSA)
  • Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA)

What Should be Included in a Marital Settlement Agreement?

It’s important to include items that both parties care about and agree on to avoid any conflict in the future. Details regarding any child/children such as child custody and child support are essential. Also, financial matters such as alimony/spousal support and the division of any joint property are also important to include in a marital settlement agreement.