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- Kimberly Arn

Annapolis Protective Order Attorney

Maryland law provides for the granting of a protective order to a person who establishes that they were the victim of abuse by their current or former spouse, someone they live with, or a family member.  A protective order may restrict the alleged abuser’s access to the person claiming abuse, their home, their children and their lawfully owned firearms.  Protective orders play an important role in protecting victims of domestic violence.  If you need a protective order to keep your abuser away in Annapolis, the Annapolis protective order lawyers at Arn Family Law can help. Contact us today for a phone consultation and learn more about how our firm can help.

Why Work With Arn Family Law?

Having Arn Family Law on your side can help protect your interests and clear your name during this stressful period of your life.

  • We provide the personalized attention and comfortable, supportive atmosphere you would expect from a small-town firm with the resources and staff to handle the most difficult cases.
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Domestic violence accusations are serious and demand professional, comprehensive attention. Let Arn Family Law review your case and determine the best defenses available.

How Will My Annapolis Protective Order Attorney Help?

If your spouse, significant other, or another member of your household commits an act of abuse against you, your attorney will assist you in developing and presenting the evidence necessary to obtain a protective order against your abuser.  Your attorney will also counsel you in the array of remedies you can seek as part of a protective order such as excluding your abuser from the family home, custody of any children in common, family financial support, orders for your abuser to attend counseling, and the surrender of any firearms owned by the abuser. Your Arn Family Law attorney will review all the facts of your case and work diligently to help you obtain a protective order.

What is required to obtain a Protective Order?

Under Maryland law, a person seeking a protective order must prove by a preponderance of the evidence, meaning more likely than not, that the accused committed an act of abuse against them.  An act of abuse is defined as an assault in any degree or an act that placed the person seeking the protective order in fear of imminent bodily harm.  An assault in any degree generally means any unwanted touching either direct, such as a slap, or indirect, by throwing an object at the person seeking the protective order.

Secure Legal Counsel as Soon as Possible

Final protective order hearings must be held within 7 days of the temporary protective order being entered.  Finding legal counsel as quickly as possible can mean all the difference in the outcome of your protective order case. Often times in protective order cases, the two parties to the proceeding were the only persons present for the incident that led to the request for the protective order.  This means that the evidence is basically he said, she said.  Having a skilled attorney can help you establish your credibility to the judge, call into question the other parties’ credibility, and develop any evidence of prior acts of abuse. Being a victim of domestic abuse is stressful and anxiety-provoking on its own.