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- Kimberly Arn

Annapolis Order Modification Attorney

Family law is an area of civil law pertaining to legal issues that arise within families, and many of these matters ultimately involve some type of court order, such as an adoption order, a child custody order, or a judgment of divorce that provides for the division of a divorced couple’s marital property.

The orders that follow a judge’s ruling are not always unchangeable; in some cases, it may be necessary for one or both parties involved in a family law matter to modify the order to account for relevant changes in their lives. Having the right order modification lawyer to help guide you through the order modification process can be a tremendous asset, so contact Arn Family Law and find out how our Annapolis order modification lawyer can help you.

Why Choose Arn Family Law?

Arn Family Law has extensive experience with all types of family law cases in Annapolis and Columbia. We strive to help our clients have the most positive experiences possible in their family law matters, and we leverage the full weight of our experience and resources in every case we take.

  • At Arn Family Law, providing ethical, affordable, and compassionate legal representation is more than just a profession: it is our passion.
  • We strive to make legal representation as affordable as possible and charge no additional fees for basic office services, unlike most other firms. We want to help you save for your children’s futures, not nickel and dime our clients for every upcharge we can find.
  • Our Annapolis family law attorneys will explain the legal processes and intricacies in your case; helping to reduce your fear and anxiety and placing you in the best position to make informed decisions regarding your matter.

These are just a few reasons to consider hiring an Annapolis order modification lawyer from Arn Family Law to help with your order modification issues.

How Can an Annapolis Order Modification Attorney Help Me?

If you have any type of order attached to a family law matter, we can help you determine any and all legal grounds for adjusting the order. This may require extensive research, document procurement, and complex court filings. Having your Maryland order modification attorney handle these issues on your behalf can help ensure a smoother overall process and a fair and legally sound change to your order.

The average person with no legal training would likely struggle to navigate the Maryland court system on his or her own. If you have a pressing family law issue related to a court order requiring modification, the attorneys at Arn Family Law can help.

Order Modifications in Family Law

Only certain types of provisions in a family law order are subject to modification by the court as a matter of law.  These include child custody, child support, and alimony or spousal support provisions.  In order to achieve a modification to any of these provisions, you must be able to prove sufficient facts to establish a substantial change in circumstances since the entry of the existing family law order.

Many order modifications relate to child custody issues and other divorce-related concerns. For example, a divorcing couple develops a child custody agreement with the help of an attorney, and one parent secures majority custody over the couple’s children. Several months later the parent with majority custody suffers a severe injury from a workplace accident, leaving him or her with a permanent disability and unable to adequately care for the couple’s children. In this situation, the parents would likely need to modify their existing custody agreement to ensure the children have adequate care and attention from their parents considering the injured parent’s new circumstances.

If you and your ex-spouse had a spousal support agreement but either your or your ex’s financial situation changes, your spousal support agreement may require modification to ensure an equitable arrangement. For example, the court may require you to pay spousal support for a set period, but if your ex receives a sudden windfall or promotion to a higher-paying job, this could reduce your support obligation and an order modification can save you a tremendous amount of money.