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What is a Parenting Plan?

A Parenting Plan is an agreement between parents addressing how they are going to meet their children’s needs and apportion parenting responsibilities following a divorce. Lawyers, judges, and members of the mental health community all agree that children fare better when parents cooperate in developing a plan to address their children’s needs, rather than letting a judge make these decisions.

Parenting plans cover the following topics that parents with split child custody would have to agree on, including:

  • Decision making regarding the children’s medical, psychological, educational, spiritual, and social needs.
  • Where the children will live and when.
  • How the children will spend time with each parent.
  • Exchange of information between parents.
  • Communication with children when they are with the other parent.
  • Transportation of the children between parents’ homes.
  • Holiday and vacation schedules.
  • Childcare arrangements.
  • Processes for resolving future disputes between parents.

Parents know their children better than anyone else and it is with that knowledge that parents can develop a parenting plan that best suits the needs of their children. Court-ordered custody arrangements almost always lack sufficient detail, never make both parties happy, and oftentimes may not be in the best interest of your child. Parties dissatisfied with court-ordered custody arrangements often find themselves back in court re-litigating parenting arrangements.

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