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Annapolis Paternity Attorney

One issue that sometimes arises in child custody cases is paternity. In a paternity action, a father may attempt to deny his status as a child’s biological father to avoid the financial responsibilities of parenthood, or a father may want to officially establish his paternity of a child to secure parental rights. If you have any paternity-related concerns, an Annapolis paternity lawyer from Arn Family Law can help. Contact us for a phone consultation to learn more about your legal options.

Why Work With Arn Family Law?

When you face any family law case you need an experienced and reliable attorney on your side. Arn Family Law does not consider family law merely a profession; helping our clients navigate family law cases is our passion.

  • Arn Family Law will ensure efficient use of billable time on your case to provide the most cost-effective representation possible.
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We understand that paternity issues can be emotional and stressful ordeals for parents in a child custody or child support matter, and we will work diligently to assist you in resolving this aspect of your case so that you can move on to addressing the underlying substantive issues of child custody or child support.

How Can an Annapolis Paternity Lawyer Help?

Any paternity-related case can involve uncertainty and heightened emotions. If someone is attempting to obtain financial support from you for a child you do not believe is yours, your Annapolis paternity attorney can help establish paternity to legally determine your parental responsibilities if any. On the other hand, an attorney can also work to ensure the biological father of a child contributes toward the raising of the child in a manner that is consistent with the child’s best interests.

The Importance of Establishing Paternity

In most cases, a father assumes paternity voluntarily during or after the birth of a child. The marital status of the child’s parents is essentially irrelevant; the father can simply hold the child as his own to establish paternity if no visible reason is present to question the child’s biological parentage. A father can voluntarily assume paternity by signing as the child’s father at birth on the child’s birth certificate.

It is also possible to establish paternity involuntarily, or without the probable father’s consent. The mother or the state may demand the probable father submit to DNA testing to prove he is not the father of the child in question. If a DNA test proves he is not the father as claimed, he may have the option to pursue damages for attorneys’ fees and other expenses. If DNA testing establishes paternity, the court can use this as a precedent to compel the father to provide financial support for his child regardless of his interest in parenting the child.

Let Arn Family Law Handle Your Paternity Case

Paternity cases can heavily influence the lives of everyone involved in such a case. Paternity tests can ensure a mother receives appropriate support from the father of her child, and they can also help protect a father’s rights to custody over his child. Regarding the child, having legally established paternity can ensure the child can take advantage of the legal benefits of paternity, such as securing compensation for the father’s wrongful death or other benefits following the father’s death.