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- Kimberly Arn

Annapolis Same-Sex Adoption Lawyer

If you are in an LGBTQ relationship and face legal issues surrounding marriage or adoption, the Annapolis same-sex adoption attorneys at Arn Family Law can help. Contact us today for a phone consultation and learn more about the ways our firm can assist you and your family.

Why You Should Choose Arn Family Law

The Annapolis family law attorneys at Arn Family Law focus on family law as a passion, not just a profession. We can provide a full range of legal services for LGBTQ individuals and couples in Annapolis.

  • You can expect professional, compassionate, and informed legal counsel from your Arn Family Law legal team at all times.
  • We will carefully examine the facts in play in your case and help you understand the legal implications of your situation.
  • Our team will strive for efficiency during all time spent working on your case for the most cost-effective legal representation.

We understand that LGBTQ individuals and couples still face unique challenges, especially in the family law system. We can put our experience and resources to work in your case to preserve your parental rights and ensure your child has appropriate parental attention.

How Your Annapolis Same-Sex Adoption Attorney Will Help

Any type of adoption-related issue can involve significant amounts of paperwork, navigating the complex court system, and handling unique challenges as they arise. Maryland now considers same-sex couples as having all the same rights and responsibilities as heterosexual couples in terms of marriage and adoption, but we understand that LGBTQ parents may face additional challenges following a divorce.

Common Adoption Issues in LGBTQ Families

One of the biggest challenges facing LGBTQ individuals when it comes to adoption is parental rights following divorce. It is not uncommon for LGBTQ couples to have children and co-parent with same-sex partners, but a legal grey area may allow a biological parent to essentially cut a former LGBT partner out of the child’s life following a breakup. Unless the former partner officially adopted the child, he or she may not have a legal claim as the child’s parent.

Maryland courts now recognize “de facto” parentage in cases involving an LGBTQ parent who does not have a legal or biological connection to a child but satisfies all other requirements for parenthood. However, it is much easier for an LGBTQ parent to retain parental rights over a partner’s child by formally adopting the child.

An alternative to adoption is for a same-sex couple to develop a co-parenting agreement. If they want to avoid the legal process of adoption, a co-parenting agreement can help preserve each parent’s rights to child custody and ensure a healthy upbringing for the child. If the couple should decide to split up later, they should both honor the co-parenting agreement, and the non-biological parent should be aware the court will not guarantee to uphold his or her parental rights without enough evidence to prove a de facto parent-child relationship.

Have Arn Family Law Handle Your LGBTQ Adoption Issues

If you and your partner want to secure your child’s future regardless of his or her biological parentage, the attorneys at Arn Family Law can assist you. Adoption is a complex and time-consuming process that involves a court investigation, multiple hearings, and significant amounts of paperwork. Having an adoption attorney on your side throughout this process can eliminate much of the stress and uncertainty in these situations.