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Ms. Arn was always available, realistic but not discouraging, and sympathetic but never patronizing in what was an exhausting, emotional situation. She responded quickly to all inquiries, did what she could to keep costs down, and assisted in every way possible. In what often feels like a roller-coaster of an experience (as all multi-step, court-centered experiences must) she is a wonderful person to have as your advocate. 

I had a complex custody relocation case and she managed to get me through it with professionalism and compassion. I recommend her most enthusiastically.

– S.L.

Although most family law matters are usually complex, I will say that my situation was particularly difficult and required an attorney that was patient, knowledgeable and compassionate. Kimberly and Jessica were wonderful from day one. They took the time to understand my unique situation and they were able to find solutions and make recommendations that were in my best interest and more importantly in the best interest of my seven year old son. Please make no mistake about it that choosing the right attorney is critical in finding the right path to the right end result and I can say without hesitation that you will not go wrong with Arn Family Law.

– Eric

Mrs. Arn is very professional and personable. She always made me feel just as important as any other client. Her response was consistently timely and on point. She always did her best in creating the best possible resolution. During a very difficult and emotional time in my life, Mrs. Arn cared enough to approach matters in a manner that helped me make decisions with clarity. She was an excellent resource. I couldn't have asked for a better attorney!

– A Client

Kimberly Arn works vigorously and effectively for her clients. She maintains an objective neutrality in the midst of high conflict situations that is most effective in finding resolutions. If you are interested in outcomes that protect the future of family relationships and children in divorced families, you cannot find a better advocate.

– Gayle

Ms. Arn was my attorney for what could have been some very unpleasant divorce and custody related proceedings. I had already been divorced for 10 years when I found myself headed toward court related to changes in child support and shared custody. Ms. Arn was an incredible source of support and provided me with a very clear understanding of each of the many steps in the process including a court ordered child custody/visitation review. When I was unsure of what course to follow, she very clearly laid out what could happen with each decision including any potential hurdles or roadblocks current decisions could have in the future in the eyes of the court, if it would ever come back to court.

Ms. Arn was immediately responsive and clearly communicated any current status and next steps.

I would highly recommend Ms. Arn and the use of her services for anyone having any issues or concerns regarding divorce or custody issues.

– Ron Greenman

Highly professional!! While not an easy process, the lawyers at Arn Family Law made the process much easier to deal with. I would highly recommend them!!!!

– Ken R

During such difficult times like a divorce it makes a world of difference to have a counselor with your best interest at heart, but also honest, intelligent, hardworking, and always available. Ms. Kimberly Arn is a very special person and attorney. I cannot thank you enough.

– Christian Cehan

Mrs. Arn is very professional and personable. I could approach her with the simplest of concerns, and she always made me feel just as important as any other client. Her response was consistently timely and on point. She is fair and always does her best to create the best possible resolution. During a very difficult and emotional time in my life, Mrs. Arn approached matters in a manner that helped me make decisions with clarity. I couldn't have asked for a better attorney!

– Irene Cirilo

I was so fortunate to have Kimberly Arn represent me throughout my divorce proceeding. Her commitment, concern, and expertise was obvious right from the start. She guided me through the entire process, step by step, and provided unending support along the way. Kimberly's knowledge is extensive and her attention to detail is outstanding. She was very easy to work with and provided prompt replies to emails and phone calls. Other than being an exceptional attorney, Kimberly is a genuinely nice, thoughtful and caring person. My needs, as well as my children's, were a priority for her from the beginning to the end. I cant express how reassuring it was knowing that Kimberly was there for me and had my best interests at hand. It was a pleasure to meet Kimberly and work with her, unfortunately it was not under the best of circumstances! Kimberly made me feel like a friend and definitely made an extremely difficult time in my life a bit more bearable. I would absolutely recommend

– Julie Cunningham

I did a fair bit of research before picking Kimberly Arn as my attorney. I weighed experience, online reviews, retainer policy, and other factors. I was immediately happy with my choice. Ms. Arn is extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. She provided sound advice and got me ready for the worst case as we prepared the separation agreement for my impending divorce. She listened and respected my choices on the rare issues when we disagreed. I would highly recommend Arn Family Law for anyone looking for a family lawyer.

– A Client

I confidently recommend Kimberly Arn for divorce representation. Ms Arn navigated me through the myriad processes associated with child support, custody and co-parenting, and expertly guided me through some very uncomfortable situations.
I cannot speak to her experience in the court room as I settled out of court, but I assume she would have maintained the same compassionate, deliberate, ethically-sound stance as she did while working on my behalf through divorce and custody battles.
If I were asked to select several words to define her professionally, I would highlight the fact that Ms. Arn is super sharp, compassionate, honest, analytical, and straightforward. She will not bend your words, misrepresent you, or lead you astray. Moreover, she is quick to reply to communications and fair and reasonable to the budget-conscious clients. Finally, her primary focus is always the children. She fights for moms and dads to achieve what they need in terms of custody and support in an effort to provide as best as possible for their children.

– Amy Kowalczyk

I retained Kimberly after an excruciatingly messy divorce and was trying to seek justice for my children who weren't receiving ANY child support from my Ex. Through her passionate advocacy of our rights in the courtroom, not only did she secure this justice but the Judge ruled in my favor on every account!
I would highly recommend this firm ( and have to a friend who also retained her) to anyone seeking justice and a lawyer that really cares.

– Amina Khan

Many years after my divorce was finalized and 3 years after my ex requested a previous modification, I found myself being summoned back to court again at his request, this time I was fortunate enough to find Ms. Arn. Through the ARN family law firm I gained a strong advocate for my children and I. Ms. Arn listened to my concerns with compassion and always provided me with an honest answer about my case and the possible outcomes. She worked hard for my family and guided us through a complicated case. She thoroughly investigated the facts of the case and always kept me in the loop. She responded quickly to calls and emails, and even though I am sure she has a full case load, her attention to detail always made it seem as if my children's best interest was the ONLY thing she was focused on in that moment. I am so happy I found Ms. Arn and I highly recommend her. I will continue to use her firm if we ever need family law representation again.

– Esther

I cannot speak highly enough of Kimberly Arn and Arn Family Law. Kimberly and her entire staff were professional, timely, courteous, and respectful throughout the entire process. As a father, I was concerned about my custody case. My fears and apprehensions were quickly put ease upon meeting Kimberly. Kimberly set realistic expectations and built a case that put my daughters interests first. Ultimately, with Kimberly's expert representation, I got the custody arrangement I was seeking. No matter where you are in the process of choosing an attorney I highly recommend you contact Kimberly Arn and Arn Family Law.

– A Client

I can not say enough about the positive experience I had with Arn Family Law. Kimberly Arn was, hands down, the best lawyer I would ever want representing me.

I was in a custody battle for my daughter. It was a very stressful time for me, but when I hired Kimberly Arn, I felt a great weight lifted off my shoulders. Mrs. Arn's expertise in family Law was overly impressive, she was very thorough and provided a rock-solid defense.

Kimberly Arn's dedication to my case was more than "just doing her job," It was and incredible display of caring for others. She went above and beyond my every expectation. More so, Arn Family Law won my case and played a big role for me to have my daughter in my life. I am overwhelmed with joy and will always think of the Kimberly Arn as a part of my family.

– Brent Weigelt

Let's be honest... If you’re looking at these testimonials, you are likely dealing with extremely emotional, stressful, and complex issues - and need sure-handed help navigating through what lies ahead. Admittedly, it's difficult determining who you should call for legal assistance. If you're lucky, an attorney has been recommended to you by someone you trust. If not, you don't have much to go on besides a website, these testimonials, and your instinct. Regardless of your situation, I'm going to do my best to convince you that it is worth your time and effort to at least reach out to Kimberly to determine if she is the right fit for you.

Personally, I've had the experience of dealing with more than one attorney to resolve my family law needs. Fortunately, that puts me in the position where I can tell you what sets Kimberly apart from other attorneys you may be considering.

First of all, Kimberly is a steward of your time and your money. No matter who represents you, it will cost money. There's no getting around that. Working with Kimberly, I never had the feeling that my time was being wasted or that my main purpose was to help pay her bills.

Second, Kimberly exhibited incredible attention to detail. So often, it's the little things that can impact a case. Kimberly conscientiously filed documents on time, verified numbers, and treated my case like it was important (because it was important to me).

Finally, Kimberly communicated with me throughout the process and was remarkably responsive. She kept me informed throughout the proceedings. With other attorneys, it may take days or even weeks to get a return phone call or a reply to an email. If I had a question or concern, Kimberly always got back to me promptly.

I know you're going through one of the most difficult and trying times of your life. You owe it to yourself to be represented by someone who treats your case like it's important, treats you with respect and honesty, and possesses the knowledge to effectively represent you. Without hesitation, I would recommend Kimberly to those I care most about, and without hesitation, I recommend her to you.

– Joe Kowalczyk

Thank you so much for your patience and guidance over the past two years. I appreciate everything you've done!

– Courtney

I would like to take this opportunity once again to thank you for your help in securing my daughter's divorce. What a year this has been! As I look back on a very difficult year you were the one my daughter and I could rely on and have the secure feeling knowing that all would be taken care of in the most professional way. My cousin is an attorney, but does not deal with divorce cases. It was the best advice I could have received from him when he recommended that I contact an attorney by the name of Kimberly Arn.

You were so diligent, and with your knowledge of the law that everything my daughter could have hope[d] for has come true. Your calm, steady and reassuring manner and dedication to our problems made everything possible for what was a wonderful conclusion to a long and difficult situation.

Because of you, my daughter has now begun an exciting new life for herself and her children in Florida. They are so happy! You have made a difficult situation end, with making our family most grateful to you for your kindness, patience, dedication and most of all, your expertise in the law.

How fortunate we all were to have had you for our attorney. I hold you in the highest regards and thank you for a new life for my daughter.

– C.S.

You have been God's blessing to me. With confidence, skill and even tenderness you met me in my darkest hour. Thank you for taking and handling my case with excellence and beyond my expectations.

Thank you for being used by God in my life.

– Hannah

Just wanted to drop you a note and say thanks for all your help in setting me through a difficult time. I was fortunate to find you - things might have ended much differently had you not been representing me. In spite of all the delays, you were always prepared, your advice always good, and your energy level always high! Many thanks to Jessica also - her organizational skills and recall abilities serve her well.

– Jeff

Just wanted to thank you once again for all of your hard work and willingness to deal with all the BS related to my case! I really appreciate your patience with my money issue as well!

– Julie

We were so grateful you were the lawyer at the courthouse that day. You saved our lives and don't even know it! I'll never be able to thank you! The world is a lucky place to have you in it!

– Laura

We can't thank you enough for helping us keep our family together. It was awesome to work with you and we will always be grateful that you took the time to help us.

Thank you for helping me to stay calm during the hearing, and answering my questions, even if they may have been the same ones over and over again.

– Penny

Jessica was an excellent advocate for my family law case. She kept me up to date on all proceedings and responded quickly to any questions or concerns I had throughout the difficult process.

– Past Client

Having Jessica Zadjura represent me in my divorce was the best decision under difficult circumstances. From the first meeting to discuss my case, she became my adviser and partner, and did not waver despite the challenges with my ex. It was a complex divorce, as a business was involved, and Jessica used her expertise and knowledge to uncover details, give wise advice, and truly advocate for my future. My children's needs were constantly addressed throughout the entire process. Her genuine concern for my needs was never in question and her professionalism remained intact. She is highly regarded among her peers and a respected attorney with any judge we encountered. I would absolutely recommend Jessica to anyone who needs a smart, savvy, kind, and respectful attorney.

– Fiona

Jessica Zadjura represented me in divorce court in 2011 from an abusive spouse whom I had just recently married. My ex had made a public threat against me on social media and I was in fear of my safety so decided not to come home. The next day I went with my mom to get my stuff and a woman was leaving our apartment. Jessica was able to convince this woman to be a witness for me in court against my ex even though she at first had said she didn’t want to. She was also by now in fear of him even though they were no longer together at this time. My ex had vacated our apartment after saying he would be responsible for the bills; the landlord was pursuing me b/c of my ex vacating. Jessica was able to get the landlord to agree to go after my ex because she successfully proved adultery and abuse in our relationship. The landlord accepted that had my ex not been abusive I would not have vacated our apartment. When my ex left, he stole several valuable items from me that he had refused to allow me to take. When I had gone back to get my stuff on a second trip, he had changed the locks preventing me access. He left the apartment in “an unsanitary condition” that caused concern for the health and safety of other tenants. The landlord, because of Jessica, agreed to go after my ex rather than me, not just for the rent owed but also for the damages done to the apartment. 

Had it not been for Jessica representing me in court in 2011, I still probably would be legally married to this man as he was unwilling to participate in the divorce proceedings. During cross-examination in the divorce trial Jessica not only had his previous girlfriend whom he had cheated on me with testify, but she also got my ex to admit to having cheated on me with five other women during the three and a half months since we’d been married. 

If you are looking for an exceptional attorney to help you out of a difficult divorce with a partner who is unwilling to allow you to move on with your life, I strongly recommend retaining her. She is a valuable partner in your corner and a force to be reckoned with in the court room. I am eternally grateful to her for all the hours she put in on my case, and her allowing me to get out of a bad situation with little more than charged up credit cards that he had created without my knowledge and charged up. I was told I’d have to pursue him in civil court, and that would cost me money, and there was no promise that he would ever pay it. So I didn’t mind taking that loss considering all the other things Jessica was able to help me get out of including marriage to someone who had fooled me so well.

– Krystyl

Ms. Zadjura handled my case professionally. She was very responsive to my communications and requests for information. She was careful with my and her time (and consequently it kept the expense reasonable). She was easy to talk to and work with despite how personal and difficult the situation was for me. I would certainly call on her again when or if I need it.

– Ann

Kimberly Arn is an extraordinary attorney. I simply cannot fathom the notion of ever entering into a difficult divorce and/or child custody situation without her support and representation. My gratitude to Kimberly and her entire team is unending. Without her help, my life and the lives of my children would have forever been seriously impacted. Kimberly is honest, objective, thorough, prepared, and extremely intelligent. She is very well respected among her peers and professionals that share these same qualities. Her court room style is calming and reassuring. Kimberly and her associates maintain a very low operating overhead absent the stereotypical expensive plush law firm offices, providing substantial financial comfort knowing you'll be getting the very best value for every precious legal dollar spent.

– Jay

Ms. Arn represented me during a very long and difficult divorce proceeding. Ms. Arn was well organized throughout and adept at sifting and sorting important details. She was always well prepared and handled herself well during court proceedings. To Ms. Arn's credit, my case ended well. I hope to never be in the same situation again, but wouldn't hesitate to hire Ms. Arn if I were.

– Jeff

These past couple of years have been the most trying time of my life, but once I hired Kimberly Arn, I knew I was in great hands. 

Kimberly went above and beyond my every expectation. Her team did an exceptional job, leaving no stone unturned. Kimberly Arn has extensive knowledge of the law, which led to her team finding information in the case that was missed by my past lawyer. She is confident, professional, and aggressive when she needs to be. I couldn't be more happy to have her by my side in trial. (I gave her the biggest hug when she won my case.) 

Because of Kimberly Arn, I continue to be a big part of my daughter's life, something that I will never be able to repay. I am proud to write this review. I highly recommend Kimberly Arn as your attorney.

– Brent

After years avoiding hiring an attorney, thinking I could manage a divorce and modification of custody, I was faced with a serious custody threat. Divorce is an ugly beast. When children are involved divorce can get even uglier. Kimberly Arn was an outstanding lawyer, inspiring, compassionate and very up front about honesty. In short... Kimberly Arn is intolerant to BS. 

Hiring Kimberly Arn was the most intelligent decision I've made in my adult life. Kimberly is very approachable, easy to reach by phone, attentive to messages and returning email. Something lawyers often forget, is common language vs. law language - Kimberly explains law terminology easily, knowing that law lingo can be intimidating. 

Most importantly, Kimberly stayed on top of my case. All paperwork was submitted on time. I was never in the dark about each step of the process, especially billing. Each hour charged was described and documented in a monthly invoice.

– Christina

Kimberly saved our lives and our family. She walked us through one of the most difficult times of our lives that was only made worse and dragged out by my ex husband. She handled everything, informing us of everything and made it all better. We love her and will always always be grateful for her!!!

– Laura

My divorce proceedings were simple as there was no contention. Still, I required to be walked gently through the process, and Ms. Arn was very understanding of my situation, as well as very clear with her explanations of the process and her fees. From the initial consultation call, I felt that I had made the right choice, and the process flowed very well. I highly recommend Ms. Arn for similar proceedings.

– Mildred

Ms. Arn represented my interests very well. She provided great insight and support into the various issues involved in my case. I would recommend her to anyone looking for solid legal support and guidance.

– Child Support Client

I highly recommend Ms. Arn. She handled my divorce case. She kept me thoroughly informed throughout the process, was on top of deadlines that my ex defaulted on, and was able to move my case through the process expediently. I appreciated that a lot of the work was done through e-mails as opposed to having to take time off from work to go into her office. I would highly recommend Ms. Arn to family, friends, and co-workers.

– Jeanne

It was obvious during the first phone call that you would understand our needs and do all you possibly could to nurture our family--restoring much of what is eroding. What was not obvious at the time was how generous and understanding you would be, providing an amazing courtesy discount. We thank you, deeply from the hearts and lives of the family. We continue to have wonderful confidence in your expertise and experience and we trust God for outcomes that continue healing and nurturing for our family. 

– Hannah

I enlisted Ms. Zadjura's services for my divorce, and again several years later for a custody/child support modification. Not only is she easy to talk to, but also very knowledgeable and hard-working. She was thorough in working on my case and presenting various options we could pursue. I never felt rushed when communicating with her, and she always kept me apprised of all goings-on in a timely manner. In the event I ever need an attorney for a family law matter again, she will be my first call.

– Client

From the first time I met with Jessica concerning my divorce, I felt very much at ease that I made the right decision to retain her services. Her level of expertise and desire to answer all my questions confidently was exactly what I had expected and received every single time I communicated with her. Jessica was always prompt when responding to my emails and always fair in her advice and legal guidance.

– Jonathan

I secured Ms. Zadjura services through the Maryland Volunteer Lawyers for the purpose of obtaining a divorce. Although my case was pro bono, the service she provided me was excellent and always done in an impeccably professional manner. She completed all task in a timely manner with EXCEPTIONAL attention to details. She demonstrated a superior knowledge of the law. She kept me informed and up to date on the status of my case at all times. She demonstrated a dedication to her profession and the work she was doing for me. Ms. Zadjura was respectful, kind and compassionate at all times. I would highly recommend her and would do so with complete confidence that she would provide the same quality services to anyone she might represent.

– LaVada
My recent divorce after nearly 26 years of marriage was very traumatic for me and my family. When looking for a divorce attorney to prepare my legal separation agreement and handle my divorce, I researched the Internet and found the Arn Family Law website. After reading through the information on their website, to include Kimberly Arn's and Jessica Zadjura's credentials and accomplishments, and in particular, their apparent care and concern for families, I selected the Arn Family Law firm to help me. From the initial meeting, through my legal separation, divorce hearing, and final divorce, Kimberly and Jessica were there to answer my questions and provide calming advice and guidance. They truly made a very stressful time more bearable. I appreciated how Kimberly and Jessica filled in for each other in order to be available for me and to provide timely responses. I was very pleased with their excellent service, and I plan to use them again in the future for other family matters and highly recommend the Arn Family Law firm to others.
– Anonymous
I conducted research on approximately fifteen attorneys when seeking the best one to handle my Divorce. I also consulted a couple of attorneys before learning of Kimberly Arn Family Law Practice. Upon reviewing Kimberly’s professional background I was struck by her personal experience with divorce. This made me even more curious and gave me a sense that she could actually put herself in my shoes because she too has experienced this phenomenon. I wanted to speak with her and decided to give her a call. After our initial conversation I was drawn to her style. She is businesslike yet warm and Compassionate while honest. Kimberly is tough yet exudes integrity and most of all compelled me to confront the facts of my situation. While at the same time proposing I consider cutting my losses in order to preserve both my ”dignity and my money”. I found this refreshing and felt I could trust her. She communicates the facts, informs, consults and advises throughout the process. You always know where you stand, what’s next, when where and how. Kimberly conveys this information to you both in writing and through conversation. She works with another attorney named Jessica whom compliments her practice extremely well. They are a great team. I highly recommend Kimberly to anyone with a legal challenge i.e. Divorce, family law or any other areas of her expertise! She made a critical difference for me at a very difficult time in my life. Having Kimberly as my attorney meant I had a partner beside me. She did not disappoint!
– EJ

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